Our stunning Mama candle is in honour of all the mama's we love! Hand poured in Melbourne & made from Vegan friendly natural wax!

She is mostly for home decor, but if you should choose to burn your beautiful AMARA she will need to be placed on a deep dish to avoid any wax spillage

Each candle is made by hand & individually poured so there may be some variations & imperfections.

Dimensions: 13cm tall & 8cm wide.


***PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PRE ORDER ITEM*** Once your candle has been poured you will receive a confirmation email notifying you. It will then be a 24 hour turn around from there, your candle will set overnight & be posted to you the next day! THERE IS A 14 DAY WAIT ON ANY ORDERS PLACE FROM THE 24TH SEPTEMBER TO THE 9TH OCTOBER. I will be in quarantine escaping Victoria but these are the last 14 days that you will be able to custom choose your candle.